17 nov. 2006

A Conference in Sussex University

This is the translation I did for the presentation made by journalist and human rights activist Sara Lovera. She delivered a conference on the situation of women rights and the incidence of violence towards women in Mexico. The talk took place on November the 15th, 2006 and was jointly organized by the Mexican Students Association in Sussex and the Centre for Gender Studies of the University of Sussex.
More information and pictures can be found in MEXSAS' own blog.

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VECEDIOS dijo...

pues sabes me entro curiosidad y visite tu curriculum y pues la verdad que eres un orgullo para los yucatecos no manches FELICIDADES MAN!!! Cuanta preparacion..
saludos yucapaisa!!
sorry por no comentar nada sobre tu post pero me parecio digno de una felicitacion tu gran preparacion.